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Color: white - diameter 1-2 mm


Packaging size: 5 x 1kg

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In what applications are desiccant bags used?

Desiccant bags are special bags designed to absorb moisture in various environments. They are commonly used in packaging, containers and other products to prevent moisture damage. Here is a summary of desiccant bag applications:

  1. Food packaging: Desiccant bags are widely used in the food industry to reduce moisture in packaged foods. Moisture can lead to spoilage, mold growth and loss of flavor and quality. By using desiccant bags, moisture remains at a low level, which extends the shelf life of the food.
  2. Electronics and electronics packaging: Electronic devices are sensitive to moisture and can be damaged by condensation, rusting and corrosion. Desiccant bags are used in the electronics industry to reduce humidity in packages of electronic components and devices, improving their service life and reliability.
  3. Medical and pharmaceutical products: In the medical and pharmaceutical industries, it is critical that products such as medications, diagnostic equipment and medical instruments are kept dry. Desiccant bags are used to absorb moisture and reduce the risk of mold growth, spoilage and loss of efficacy.
  4. Transportation and shipping: When transporting goods over long distances or in humid environments, there is a risk of moisture damage. Desiccant bags are placed in shipping containers and packaging to absorb moisture and protect products during shipment.
  5. Archiving documents and books: Historical documents, books, and archives are susceptible to moisture damage that can affect the structure and readability of the materials. Desiccant bags are used in archive rooms and libraries to maintain controlled humidity levels to help preserve materials over the long term.

Overall, desiccant bags provide an effective solution for absorbing moisture to prevent damage to various products. Their applications range from the food and electronics industries to archiving and storage of items